Saudi Riyal Counterfeit Banknotes


We are a company that creates 100% real and fake undetectable counterfeit money, but we also serve as a one-stop shop for all of your uncompromising needs related to counterfeit money.

We create fake money in practically every currency, including dollars, euros, pound sterling, rand, and so forth, and we market it globally.

We never overlook anything when producing banknotes for our clients. We are the top-notch, lowest-cost producers and suppliers of prop money, counterfeit money, and fake currency.

We are well-versed in our industry and constantly strive to make improvements. You can rely on our business to deliver 100% authentic counterfeit bills right to your home.


5000SAR, 10000SAR, 20000SAR, 30000SAR, 40000SAR, 50000SAR


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